Literary Destinations

Literary Destinations

Literary tourism is an increasing popular niche of cultural travel, where travellers visit locations that inspired famous works of literature. Such destinations often boast wonderful bookshops, grand libraries and key settings used in beloved novels.

As an example, you could stroll along Grasmere’s golden daffodils and visit Dove Cottage – where Wordsworth composed his poetry – or head down to London and visit Shakespeare’s reconstructed Globe Theatre.

1. New York City

New York City delights millions of travelers every year with its endless fun activities and world-renowned restaurants, as well as iconic parks like Central Park bursting with thrilling attractions and breathtaking landscapes.

New York City may be known for being a city that never sleeps, yet getting from one borough to the next is made simple thanks to its efficient public transit system and stunning scenic views. Explore Brooklyn Bridge’s glittering skyline or scale 30 Rockefeller Plaza’s Art Deco skyscraper 30 Rockefeller Plaza’s Art Deco skyscraper 30 Rockefeller Plaza to reach Top of the Rock for unparalleled panoramas.

From mountains to beaches, literary destinations have inspired some of the greatest writers on earth. Perfect for anyone wanting to live out their favorite book’s story. While inspiration can come from anywhere, these literary spots make sure it comes alive in full.

2. Paris

Paris is an incredible literary city, filled with literary luminaries like Victor Hugo, Oscar Wilde and George Sand. There are numerous places throughout Paris where writers gathered – from homes used as meeting places by literary artists to bookstores where their words came alive – offering opportunities to connect with written word.

Visit Honore de Balzac’s home, Maison de Balzac, where she lived and helped introduce realism into European literature. Additionally, it houses her collection of books and manuscripts as well as some personal mementoes from this great author.

Cimetiere du Montparnasse is home to many notable literary figures such as Marcel Proust, Jean-Paul Sartre and Samuel Beckett – not forgetting artists and writers such as George Sand, Marguerite Duras and Joris-Karl Huysmans who also rest here.

3. Dublin

Dublin is an extraordinary social city, boasting an infectious sense of the craic–an inexhaustibly entertaining mixture of repartee, humor, intelligence, wit, acerbic commentary and deflating insights–that has attracted writers for centuries. Even with its faded grandeur and abundance of pub-goers, Dublin never feels stuffy or overrun.

Visit the Chester Beatty Library to view its rich collection of Asian, Far Eastern, and Islamic artifacts including Egyptian Books of the Dead, illuminated Ethiopian manuscripts, Jesuit travel journals and Iranian narrative paintings. In addition there’s an exhibit dedicated to Ireland’s greatest rock band U2 which contains musical rarities and memorabilia from their time on tour in Ireland.

Take one of Dublin’s guided tours like the Free Walking Tour or Generation Tours to gain insight into its history, architecture and culture from an expert local. Or if Irish literature is your passion, join a literary pub crawl such as Dublin Literary Pub Crawl for an experience like no other!

4. Porto

Bibliophiles who travel the world love nothing more than visiting places that inspired a work of literature, from volcanoes and vistas to volcanic springs that stirred creativity in some of history’s great authors.

Fernando Pessoa: This Portuguese author was heavily influenced by modernism and is revered as one of Portugal’s greatest poets. His former home, Casa Fernando Pessoa in Porto is now open as a museum.

JK Rowling: Though she did not grow up in Porto, JK Rowling has spoken highly of its architecture as inspiration for parts of her Harry Potter series. Additionally, she visited Livraria Lello bookshop which should be added as one of Portugal’s literary destinations!

Visit Porto for its magnificent architecture, breathtaking scenery and vibrant culture. Experience its historic center, including Se and Baixa districts as well as Ribeira area.

5. London

bibliophiles seeking an unforgettable literary adventure should visit places that inspired some of literature’s iconic works, from volcanoes and vistas to historic locations where some of history’s great authors found inspiration for their creations.

Paris is renowned as a literary mecca, drawing authors and writers like flies to a flame. You too can make Paris your literary home by sipping cocktails at Ernest Hemingway-frequented bars or strolling alongside F. Scott Fitzgerald along his streets.

Edinburgh boasts a rich literary tradition, as it was home to J.K. Rowling – author of the iconic Harry Potter books that have won her millions of readers around the globe. Visit Elephant Cafe where she used to write or explore other significant sites such as Parliament Building with its iconic clock tower ‘Big Ben’ or Westminster Abbey where British monarchs are coronated.

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