What Do Travel Agents Actually Do?

What Do Travel Agents Actually Do?

Travel agents assist clients in making travel plans, booking reservations for hotels and other accommodations, cruises, tours and car rentals. Furthermore, they provide information about passport and visa requirements, foreign currency exchange rates and import duties.

Travel agents are in high demand during peak vacation periods such as the summer and holidays. During these times, they may offer vacation packages from cruise lines and resorts.

They Help You Plan Your Trip

Travel agents sift through mountains of data to identify the ideal trip arrangements for their clients. They also arrange transportation, hotel accommodations, car rentals and tours.

They stay informed on travel trends and alert clients to weather conditions, required documents, and safety precautions for each destination they plan to visit.

When your vacation plans change due to flight cancellation or other itinerary problems, they act as your advocate and work hard to get your ticket rebooked and vacation back on track. And they know about your flight even before you do thanks to direct access to the airline GDS (global distribution system).

When on vacation, things can go awry – lost luggage, missed passports, delayed flights and more – so having a travel agent to handle these issues is essential for peace of mind and saving you time from solving the problem yourself which can be distracting. Not only does this give you peace of mind but it also removes the stress from solving issues yourself.

They Help You Find the Best Deals

Travel agents can assist in finding the best deals on flights, hotels, cruises and package tours. Furthermore, they often have access to special discounts that DIY travelers do not have access to.

A reliable agent can buy airline tickets in bulk and secure them at discounted rates. Furthermore, they know about certain airlines offering connections through codeshare agreements that aren’t listed on flight comparison websites.

Multi-carrier tickets often feature lower prices than what other companies offer.

Travel agents can set price alerts so they receive email notifications when prices change, helping you save even more money by booking early or at the lowest available rate.

Travel agents are an invaluable asset when something goes awry on your trip. From cancellations and bad hotel rooms, to not liking where you’re going, they’re on the front lines with expertise and know-how.

They Help You Make Reservations

Travel agents are an invaluable resource for booking hotels, cruises, rental cars and flights. Furthermore, they may assist in making reservations for excursions, activities and events.

Though you may be able to locate deals on your own through search engines like Kayak or Skyscanner, the process can be time-consuming. A travel agent can save you valuable time by finding deals for you.

For instance, they can often locate discounts on local hotels and airfare that aren’t listed online by airlines. Furthermore, they often have access to exclusive deals on cruises, tours and events you won’t find online.

Travel agents can be your go-to person if something goes awry during your trip. They have the capacity to reschedule flights, book hotel rooms or assist with lost luggage and any other problems that may arise.

They Help You Stay Safe

Travel agents are the go-to for most trip planning needs, but they do more than just book flights and hotels – they also play an essential role in keeping you safe while abroad.

For instance, they could assist you with travel insurance or a rental car if needed. Furthermore, they provide advice on preventing theft and fraud while away.

Travel agents also stay abreast of the newest developments in their industry. For instance, they can notify you if an airport closes down or there’s a terrorist attack during your journey.

Travel agents are your go-to for planning for any eventuality, such as alternate routes, cruise lines and visa/passport advice. Plus, their services come at a fee which could range anywhere from $25 to $100 depending on your itinerary and needs. So in short: travel agents are your go-to when it comes to making your next adventure an unforgettable one!

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