6 Best Places to Stay in South Africa 

6 Best Places to Stay in South Africa 

South Africa is located at the southern tip of the African continent and is home to several ethnic groups that reflect its diversity and history. This country offers a little something for everyone—from tourism and beaches to safaris and city life. You don’t have to worry about planning a trip to South Africa; let yourself be inspired by the six best places to visit in South Africa. 

  1. Cape Town—City under Table Mountain 

Cape Town is the second-largest city and the oldest city in South Africa. It is located in a bay surrounded by majestic mountains (including the world-famous Table Mountain), and just a few kilometers to the south, you will find perhaps the most famous cape in the world—Cape of Good Hope

Cape Town is often compared to Rio de Janeiro or Vancouver. 

If you head to the Cape of Good Hope, don’t forget to stop by the fishing and naval town of Simon’s Town along the way. The village is famous not only for its many cozy restaurants and pubs but also for Boulders Beach, home to a colony of over 3,000 African penguins

  • Kruger National Park—Safari Trip of Dreams 

Kruger National Park is one of the most famous safari parks in the world. If you look at the map of South Africa, you will find it in the northeast of the country, covering an area of over 19,000 km² (7,340 mi2). The park was named after the President of the former Transvaal Republic, Paul Kruger. 

A South Africa safari trip is an unforgettable experience. In Kruger National Park, you will truly feel like you are in the wilderness, and you can also stay overnight here. Staying in the safari park can be the best place to stay in South Africa. 

  • Garden Route 

The Garden Route stretches nearly 300 km (186 mi) along the South African coast between the cities of Mossel Bay and Port Elizabeth. Wondering why it’s called the “Garden Route”? This name comes from its diverse landscape—green exotic forests, cliffs, and secluded beaches, as well as national and safari parks. Along the Garden Route, you’ll also encounter some of South Africa’s most famous elephant reserves

  • Cape Agulhas 

Cape Agulhas is the southernmost point of the African continent and a significant geographical landmark where the warm currents of the Indian Ocean meet the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This phenomenon often results in turbulent ocean conditions and creates a unique ecosystem that attracts many naturalists and nature enthusiasts. 

Cape Agulhas is also an important navigational point for maritime traffic and is home to the oldest lighthouse in Africa

  • Drakensberg Mountains 

The Drakensberg Mountains are among the most significant mountain ranges in South Africa, as they are the highest in southern Africa. This range is renowned for its dramatic landscape and spectacular rock formations, offering numerous opportunities for both short and long hiking expeditions. 

  • Diamond Mines around the City of Kimberley 

Another world-famous site are the diamond mines around the city of Kimberley. It is located in the northern part of the Republic of South Africa, in the Northern Cape province. It is primarily known for diamond mining, which has earned it the nickname “Diamond City.” Some mines serve as tourist attractions, and in the vicinity, you will also find several museums dedicated to this theme. 

If the places mentioned above in the Republic of South Africa have caught your interest and you are planning to visit this country, a South Africa itinerary might be useful for you. 

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