Best Apps and Websites for Booking Air Tickets

Best Apps and Websites for Booking Air Tickets

Skyscanner emerged victorious from our tests this year. Their search option, “Explore everywhere”, allows you to view destinations around the globe while showing costs associated with travel in an organized grid format. Furthermore, it highlights Greener Choice flights as well as providing filters to identify airlines which waive fees such as change and cancellation charges, carry-on luggage fees and seat selection charges.

Google Flights

Google Flights is an incredibly effective tool for searching and booking flights, all for free with no obligation to book through Google or an OTA (online travel agency).

Explore map is ideal when you don’t know exactly where you want to travel. Just enter basic criteria such as departure/return airports and search as far out as desired; move around the map for discovering new destinations and prices!

2023 saw the debut of an exciting new feature that allows users to set a price alert and keep tabs on when ticket prices were historically low or high for their selected route, giving you the best chance at purchasing that ticket before its price increases too significantly.

Google Flights makes tracking and cancelling flights easy, plus provides access to travel advisories and COVID-19 restrictions in your destination city.


Momondo is a travel search engine offering travelers many features to assist them in finding cheap flights. Their user-friendly website and fast mobile performance allow for ease of navigation while saving searches as well as setting fare alerts.

Momondo offers many great features, one of them being its ability to search open-jaw and multi-stop flights, airports, airlines and alliances, booking sites, economy or first class seats and Timetable, which provides prices over time.

If you’re on the lookout for a good deal, sign up for a free Momondo profile to save flight searches and receive special deals and discounts. Fare Alerts also allow you to keep an eye on flight prices so that when they drop you can book at the best time.


Skiplagging has long been used by some travelers, but websites like Skiplagged have made the tactic mainstream. Their service identifies cheaper flight options by booking connecting flights with layovers in desired destinations and cancelling final legs to your final destination – and as a result of its increased use by airlines they have sought legal action against Skiplagged which they plan on fighting back against with litigation against it.

Skiplagged differs from many travel apps by only showing flights that are bookable and cancellable, and making clear you need appropriate documentation such as a valid passport or visa to enter your ticketed destination.

Skiplagged is available on both iPhone and Android devices; however, your bank may impose foreign transaction fees or other charges on international purchases before using this app. Before purchasing anything through Skiplagged, check with your card provider first as some banks will treat these transactions as cash advances.


Priceline has become an iconic brand over two decades after William Shatner made headlines for its famous advertising campaign. Today, Priceline sells flights, hotels, rental cars and vacation packages as well as being known for offering steep discounts that require travellers to book without knowing all the specific details about their flight itinerary or airline.

Priceline also provides Express Deals, which can save travelers up to 50% on hotel stays by providing them with special rates that don’t reveal the specific hotel until after making a non-refundable reservation. Customers are limited to three hotels.

Priceline recently introduced Express Deals, a feature which allows users to make hotel reservations without knowing their exact location. But you must still carefully verify dates when using Priceline app as it’s easy to select the incorrect month by mistake; should this occur there will be an “idiot tax” fee of $25 “to correct an error”, though they will reimburse if another bid comes through for you later on.

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