8 Trends That Hoteliers Must Adopt to Attract Business Travellers

8 Trends That Hoteliers Must Adopt to Attract Business Travellers

Business air travel is a significant part of the economy and the UK needs to ensure that it is thriving. A report commissioned by London City Airport suggests that the sector could boost the economy by PS17.5 billion in the next eight years. The report also points to the importance of the aviation industry to the recovery of other sectors. According to a recent study, 73% of business leaders expect to travel for business purposes in the next two years.

A study by Idea Works found that more than 25% of business air travel was undertaken to increase sales, with another 20% in support of intra-company meetings. The remaining 5% were for commuting. A pandemic would have a devastating impact on business air travel. Nevertheless, the study found that airline business travel was recovering at the end of this year. This upward trend is also seen in the Asia-Pacific region. For example, flights to Southeast Asia, Malaysia, and Singapore were up for the year. However, most international destinations were not Asia-Pacific-based.

Business air travel can be a very expensive option. However, those who are unable to sleep during long international flights will find it beneficial to travel in business class. In addition, business class is more private and has more space. However, the seats are not fully flat. The food and drink options are similar to those in economy. The service is also similar, but the food is not branded differently.

It is essential that business travelers book air travel in advance. It is crucial to keep a strict schedule. Those who fly frequently should consider a Fixed-Route program. This is a great way to lock in a certain price for a particular route. In this way, frequent business travelers don’t have to worry about forgetting their toothbrush on a long flight.

The business travel market is becoming a more profitable sector for the travel industry. As a result, hoteliers need to take advantage of this growing market. Following eight trends will help them attract business travellers. The travel industry is a vital part of the economy. If you want to stay competitive and remain relevant, you must make your accommodation appealing to business travellers.