Exploring Eco-Friendly Getaways

Exploring Eco-Friendly Getaways

Your travels could take you to sunny beaches, icy glaciers or dense forests; wherever they take place, each destination could have a significant environmental impact. Yet many places are leading the way in environmentally sustainable practices.

Search for eco-friendly hotels and activities certified as sustainable by organizations like Green Pearls. In Iceland you’ll experience unspoiled wilderness while New Zealand provides responsible wildlife tours that explore wetlands.


Colorado leads the way in showing how nature preservation and unforgettable vacation experiences are compatible. Colorado’s eco-friendly resorts, ranches and cabins focus on renewable energy solutions, sustainable agriculture practices, non-toxic cleaning products, organically sourced foods as well as other eco-conscious features – making for an exceptional experience and memorable stay!

Rent an eco-friendly log cabin in White River National Forest to experience true carbon neutrality on your vacation. Devil’s Thumb Ranch’s eco-friendly cabins focus on sustainable practices such as solar power, community gardens and respecting nature and its resources – an experience unlike any other!

As part of their eco-friendly practices, they also offer guests unforgettable experiences that foster a deeper appreciation for nature. Furthermore, the ranch actively encourages guests to become engaged in local conservation efforts and wildlife rehabilitation programs as a great way to give back to an area so beloved by so many travelers. Interestingly enough, “general nature-based tourists” seem more inclined to engage in environmentally responsible behaviors if these don’t result in decreased comfort, time or tolerance levels.


Danish commitment to sustainability is part of daily life and visitors seeking ways to incorporate sustainability practices in their travel are welcome to learn how they can do the same. From parties where guests must bring their own cups and plates, to restaurants with no food waste policy – Danes incorporate sustainability practices into daily living in many different ways.

Green travellers can select hotels certified by Green Key, an environmental standard for tourism providers worldwide. There is a growing selection of eco-friendly accommodations such as Bryggen Guldsmeden Hotel in Copenhagen which boasts rooms starting from just PS105 per night with stunning city views from every room.

Coco Hotel in Vesterbro offers unique Parisian-style boutique hotel accommodation. This green hotel provides rooms that combine Parisian style with timeless Danish design, featuring an outstanding rooftop restaurant which is open year round and using organic or Fair Trade products exclusively.

British Columbia

British Columbia offers stunning natural wilderness and wildlife that make an eco-friendly getaway easy and exciting. Experience humpback whales breaching in Desolation Sound or spot native grizzlies foraging along the Cariboo Mountains with The Bear Whisperer!

Staying at Wya Point Resort on Vancouver Island’s west coast and sleeping in a yurt is the ultimate way to experience coastal BC in complete comfort. Built to sleep up to five people, these circular tents provide close proximity to old-growth forest as well as beautiful ocean views from just metres away.

The Kw’o’k’e: Hala Wilderness Resort is an idyllic glamping destination on a remote island in Desolation Sound. Offering off-grid wilderness adventures for all ages, guests can discover the island, its white sand beaches and surrounding wilderness; visit its outdoor natural spa; sample cuisine prepared with organic garden ingredients from its outdoor natural spa; or participate in one of many regenerative projects that aim to reduce carbon footprint like energy efficient heating system using recycled wood chips – there is something here for everyone at all ages!


Iceland is an oasis for nature enthusiasts, from stunning waterfalls and captivating day hikes to its spectacular natural wonders such as cascading waterfalls. As this unreal destination grows increasingly popular, local authorities and tourism companies are taking steps to preserve these impressive natural treasures for future generations to enjoy.

Icelanders are looking at ways they can reduce visitor impacts, from prioritizing geothermal energy use to using local ingredients when producing their foods, while simultaneously protecting Iceland’s breathtaking scenery and wildlife for future generations.

Get involved with these forward-thinking initiatives by planning an eco-friendly getaway in Iceland. From luxurious hotels that combine comfort with environmental stewardship to tours offering immersive experiences like Lake Myvatn’s landscapes, there are various ways of going green that await you here.

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